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Fr. Kevin

Liturgical Ministries

Liturgy is made up of several elements: Gathering, Remembering, Sharing a Meal and Going Forth.  Each of these elements requires the service of individuals, in addition to the full participation of the whole community. 


Who serves in liturgical ministry?

Those who have a gift for that ministry and the willingness to serve their community serve in liturgical ministry.  First and foremost, those who serve are humble servants.  They put their gifts at the disposal of others for the sake of the community and for the glory of God.  Liturgical ministers are models of good participation and communicate an attitude of prayer throughout the liturgy.


Ministers of Hospitality (Ushers and Welcomers) really like people.  They are outgoing and enjoy interacting with others.  They are the first face of Christ people encounter when they enter the church.

Ministers of Proclamation (Readers) are competent readers who love the Word of God and make it come alive in the liturgy.  They try to make the reading of scripture a part of their own lives.

Ministers of Communion love the Eucharist.  They know they are helping to distribute the most precious gift of all, the Body and Blood of Christ.  This ministry takes reverence for the Eucharist, a prayerful attitude and a love for the people of God.

Ministers of Altar Serving assist in the liturgical action. They honor the symbols of liturgy.  Altar Servers contribute greatly to the smooth flow of the liturgy by performing their tasks efficiently and with graceful movement.

Ministers of Children’s Liturgy are people who love the Word of God and have a special interest in helping children to also love the Word of God.  Celebrating the Liturgy of the Word with children is a rewarding experience - one to be remembered for years.



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