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This year in our Parish the Sacraments of Reconciliation, Confirmation and First Communion will be Celebrated with Grade 2’s, and any older children who have missed these Sacraments.    Parents are invited to register early. The Registration Form is now posted below and is also available at the Church.  



Parents of Grade 2 Children or older, if you are Parishioners of St. Augustine Parish, we invite you to register your child for the Fall Program of Sacramental Preparation. 

First Reconciliation(celebrated in the Fall each Year.

Confirmation & First Communion, preparation begins in January 2019, (celebrated in the Spring).

Letter to Parents, Registration Form and Schedule Information attached below for: First Reconcilation, Confirmation and First Communion 2018-2019.


Sacramental Preparation Parent Letter 2018-2019.pdf97.02 KB
Registration Form Sacramental Preparation2018-2019.pdf302.99 KB
Schedule for Sacramental Preparation 2018-2019.pdf227.05 KB

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